Monday, November 16, 2009

Allison turns 2!

We had a big birthday party planned for Allison's 2nd Birthday, but Jake and Allison got sick so we canceled it. Atleast she too young to realize what is she was missing. Instead her cousin Ayden (who was sick too) came over for cake and opening presents. It was a snotty nose birthday.Allison was so excited about the cake! She is my daughter!
She blew out the candle before any of us sang Happy Birthday, she was ready to eat the cake
Present opening time!
She was so excited that she broke into the presents when I wasn't looking. Smart little girl - it was her birthday, why should she wait. So I had to rewrap the present and she opened again when everyone was watching.
It was a kitchen birthday, everything was kitchen themed!
She loves to "cook". She has been pulling pans out of the pantry and pouring things into them for months. It was time that she got her own supply.
Then it was time to eat the cake - of course she and Ayden couldn't stop playing kitchen.
Grandma Carol and Opop got Allison a little kitchen. She loves it and has been playing with it for an hour now. And in Allison time - that is FOREVER!!!
We got her plastic "healthy" food (from Cosco). She knows what is all is, I guess that means that we are feeding her well.

Happy Halloween

Allison, Jake, and cousin Ayden all went trick-or-treating together.
Allison was a ladybug again - it still fit!
Jake was Yoda - so cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We pulled out the jumper for Jake, but Allison has enjoyed it more. She has figured out how to get in and out, funny to see. I think she needs to be in gymnastics....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trying to catch up

Things have been very busy here. We are both working a lot, trying to renovate the house, and keep up with the kids and daily life.

Here are some pictures of daily life that we have taken over the past month....

Hanging out on the lawnPlaying at the park
Chillin in the crib with company
Watching college football - Go UF and FSU!
Watching movies with Ayden

Reading to Jake (turn up the sound and pause the radio on the blog)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Always worry when your kids are "too" quiet.

I wasn't listening...
Allison found the markers.
Looks like she was "copying" Mommy and putting on makeup - thankfully she didn't get any on the walls or the furniture.
It was hard to keep in the laughter!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jake's first "hair cut"

OK, I HATE it when newborns get that "mustache" of hair at the base of their head - where the hair rubs off above from sleeping and grows below. So even though my intuition said not too, I TRIED to "trim" the small patch of hair, but instead shaved bald a "step" in his hair. So Ivan had to buzz it all off to correct my mistake.
It doesn't look a bit different to anyone else... so he is STILL a baldy!He didn't mind the hair cut, just hung out with daddy.


We have to find ways to get household chores done with two little ones... Ivan was a little creative and Allison LOVED IT!!